As president and founder of ICCO (Institute for Comprehensive Community Outcomes) established in 2001, David has developed programs that address the need for integrating community, church, government and private volunteer organization programs for children, youth and adults.

David Gray

Director of Product Development

David Glenwinkel

Director of Village Development

Sally Lunette

Director of Operations

Scott Olivett

Director of Orphan Care

Salome Baraka

Kenya National Host

Philips Elisha

Nigeria National Host

Over the last several years David has traveled throughout Africa and has made exploratory trips for Village Care to Tanzania, Sudan, and Nigeria. Focusing work in Kenya, he has led dozens of small teams of American volunteers, teaching about AIDS and other forms of disease in the village setting.

As our primary logistics administrator, Sally coordinates our many volunteers as we assist churches and organizations around the U.S. in training for partnerships in Africa. From the time the decision is made to go to Africa until your team returns to U.S. soil, Sally is the one who makes it all happen! 

Phillips joined Village Care in 2006, leading the charge in Nigeria. Holding a conference for all Village Care communities in May, 2007, Phillips brought together 30 representatives for review and training of VC concepts and principles, ensuring consistency and inter-faith partnerships and support for community improvement.

In 2005 Julius stepped down from the leadership of a major denomination in Kenya where he was responsible for the oversight of hundreds of churches, to become Co-Host of Village Care Kenya, along with his wife Salome.

Scott Olivett, earned his degree in Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education from Colorado State University, as well as his elementary teaching certificate from Metropolitan State College.

About us

our goal is to provide the tools and relationships necessary to achieve true financial independence

We are a non-profit organization that has built partnerships around the world with advocates that assist individuals and communities to become financially secure and independent.


U.S. address:
3240 Professional Drive, Auburn, CA 95603

Kenya address:
P.O. Box 702, Nyamusi Village, Nyamira District, Kenya

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